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To keep your lawn and plants thriving, you’ll need to take extra care of them. However, maintaining a yard and everything in it is a difficult task that many homeowners lack the time, energy, or stamina to undertake. SnoCo Landscape provides the tools and expertise to help you achieve your lawn and garden goals.


We provide experienced and professional landscaping services in Arlington, WA. Our company consists of landscape experts that are natives of Western Washington, so we understand how things grow. We recognize the difference between a weed and a plant, as well as how to remove one while caring for the other. Rest assured that we are qualified and enthusiastic about totally transforming your landscape or preserving the beauty of what you already have.

Easy Setup That Simplifies Your Life

Once you’ve contacted our team at SnoCo Landscape, we conduct a free walkthrough and discuss your unique landscape requests and needs, both present and future.


As an experienced and professional lawn and garden care company in Arlington, WA, it is our goal to provide you with top-notch services. We can act as your source for all of your lawn and garden projects and maintenance. You can also install a new landscape and garden with our help. Contact us and we’ll set a time to start doing the job for you. We work with any yard or lawn in all of North Snohomish County.